Ejaculation 1 video

Delay your ejaculation

If you want your partner to beg for sex, there is only one rule : SHE HAS TO COME FIRST.
So you need to fuck her long enough : 20mn minimum, 40mn is better. Right ?

In this video, I give you 6 practices to delay your ejaculation :

1 - Inversion of ejaculation mechanism
2 - Positions against ejaculation
3 - Smooth transitions (to release pressure without breaking the athmosphere)
4 - reduce glans sensitivity
5 - reduce sexual tensions
6 - Organize your fuck-session

This methodes are used in the professional porn community. They can be combined for maximal efficienty. The health of your body will be fully resepected, I never ask you to take pills, or any kind of medical product.
Your progress will depend only on the quality and intensity of your personal training.

Full video : 45 minutes

Erection 2 videos

Hard like a rock Physical preparation

45 minutes video with 4 exercices, from porn actors. This training is your physical preparation for a strong erection.

In this video

  • Training method for dick-pump
  • PC Muscle exercices.
  • Conscious masturbation exercices.
  • Shower ritual.


  • 15% bigger erection.
  • Stronger, easier, and faster erection.
  • More reliable erection.
  • More sensitivity.

Hard on command Mental preparation

45 minutes video with few exercices and techniques to KEEP RELAX even in stressful situations. Exemple : you're with a new girl. The goal is to get hard, whatever the situation.

In this video

  • Body preparation before sex.
  • Dick preparation before sex.
  • How to use Viagra in the proper way.


  • Relax during sex.
  • Tricks for emergency situations.
  • Bring back your erection when you lose it.

Relations 2 videos

Find your partner

Rich men know how to invest their money to get richer.
Healthy men know how to train, how eat to get results.

If we could be rich or healthy with miracle solutions : everyone would do it.
But there's no secret : to get results, we need to work on it.
Same for love and sex.
To get it, every man needs to invest his time and energy in a smart way.

Please, forget about pick-up. It's an emergency technique: and with emergency, you'll always spend too much energy for your girls, and sell yourself too cheap. We all did it. Sooner we stop, better it is. Our time is precious.

In this video, I give you my investment method. A long term view, to get high quality of love and sex ressources, and without never betraying your identity !

Stimulate her desire

Sex and selling work the same :
a big emotion will trigger an impulsive sale, a big emotion will also trigger her decision to have sex.

We all have an idea about how to give pleasure to women, but... how to give them good and intense emotions ? It's actually quite easy.

In this video I'll give you enough theory to understand how and when stimulate emotions of the woman. With simple actions. No bullshit, no waste of time, no psychology. Just simple and manly actions !

In this video

  • Practical manual to manage female emotions.
  • Idea of surprises and actions to stimulate her emotions.
  • Sensual games.
  • My method to "fuck her in 1 hour", with description of transitions.

Packs 2 packs

Erection Pack

This pack contains

Hard like a rock <span>Physical preparation</span>
Hard like a rock Physical preparation
Hard on command <span>Mental preparation</span>
Hard on command Mental preparation

Love and sex Pack

This pack contains

Find your partner
Find your partner
Stimulate her desire
Stimulate her desire